Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about our products. Please give us a call at (866) 824-4023 if you would like more information about our systems.

Can the speaker be installed separate from the cradle?

Yes,. The speaker has a 6' cable and can be installed in the best location for the driver to hear it (i.e. overhead). This may be necessary if the ambient noise in the vehicle is too loud and you need the speaker closer to the driver than the cradle can be mounted. Larger speakers are also available if needed. 

If I change phones do I have to buy a complete new system?

In most cases, if you are using the universal cradle, you will just need to change the audio cable that goes from the phone to the amplifier if your new phone has a different size connector. Usually, if they are the same size connector and brand of phone you should be good. If you are using a lockbox cradle, you will need to replace it with one designed for your phone if available.

What is the difference between the hardwire kit and the CLA adapter?

The CLA (Cigarette lighter adapter) allows you to quickly install you system without the need to route cables to the electrical panel. The CLA adapter has a USB port for charging your phone and a 5.5mm DC jack for power for the amplifier. The down side is that you will have exposed cables. The hardwire kit may be more desirable if you prefer to have the power cables concealed. Additionally, it will be less likely to accidentally unplug cables when concealed and secure.

What is the best length pedestal?

This will vary depending where you need to mount the system. A 6" pedestal will work well in cases where you can mount the cradle tight to the dash and only need to be out far enough to turn it toward the driver. A 9" pedestal works well in cases where you need to get the system out and away from the dash or are mounting on the side of the dash. Longer or flexible pedestals are available if you are mounting the system on the floor or in other areas that require more distance from the mounting location. 

Can the palm mic be used to make regular voice calls?

Yes. If you are not using push-to-talk device, you can use the system to make a voice call to a specific phone number (i.e. dispatch number). The button on the palm mic works much like the button on a headset. Push once, to answer or initiate a call. Push once again to  end a call. You must program your phone accordingly.

What number does the system call when you push the palm microphone button?

This will depend on your preference and you specific phone. Typically, you can program your phone to connect with one of four options when the palm mic button is pushed (one touch DC): a specific direct connect number, a direct connect group, or the last number called. The fourth option would launch the contact list; however, we do not suggest this option since it would require the driver to scroll through the contact list which could be distracting. 

How long do I have to return the system if it doesn't meet my needs?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your system(s). If you are not satisfied with the system you purchased, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund (Please see "Return Policy"). We suggest that you soft install one or two systems to make sure they meet your needs first before hard installing several systems.

What is the warranty period?

We provide a one year warranty on the complete system against manufacturer defect. During the warranty period, we provide advance replacement of components so you will not need to remove parts to send in and then wait for the replacement. When you receive the replacement part, you will receive a prepaid shipping label to return the faulty part. We do not warranty cables or parts that have been damaged.

What if I need a system configured differently than the systems you show on you site?

 It's difficult to show every combination on our site. If you don't see the configuration you need, please give us a call at (866) 824-4023. All of our system are assembled to order. We can pre-assemble and package systems for you in multiple configurations so that your installs go smoothly.